Based in Prague, Czech Republic I am a photographer that specializes in weddings and portraits (maternity, boudoir, family photographs). My website/blog is in Czech, as most of my clients happen to be Czech; however, I speak fluent English and German and have had plenty of opportunities to shoot international couples on their special day. If you do not live in Prague and are visiting only for the purpose of your wedding, I can offer my professional services, advice and contacts. If you are visiting Prague simply for tourism purposes and you wish to capture your holiday in time with high quality photographs of yourself and your loved one, I am also available for couple photo shoots in Prague. Believe me, I know how inconvenient it is as a part of a couple to try to get that perfect vacation shot of you and your honey. As a couple you constantly have to fight with a tripod or ask random bystanders, which can result in low quality holiday photographs. If you so wish, I can spend a few hours with you and show you around Prague’s most beautiful places and create a delightful memory package of photographs for you and your loved one to cherish for years to come. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to to use the contact form or Facebook.

Prague wedding photographer
Bellow you can find a recommendation from my clients from USA:
Hello, Martin. (I am sorry that I cannot speak Czech!!)
Thank you so very much for the hard work you did at Ariane and Jakub's wedding on Saturday, as well as for the photo shoot last week. It was a pleasure to meet friend, Sue Beth, said many times what a great personality you have for the work that you do. It felt as though you were part of the family, and your positive energy and sense of humor were very much appreciated! Thank you, again. We really enjoyed meeting you. And, I can't express my gratitude for your tirelessness and enthusiasm in working to get
special photos of the wedding. You were amazing; I have NEVER seen a photographer who exuded such passion for his work. It certainly didn't seem like "just another wedding" to you. Thank you.
Take care.
Lorri Kimball